Born in Ontario Canada,  I am passionate when it comes to collaborating with businesses, entrepreneurs, and the community on the development of effective graphic design solutions. As I continue to grow as a designer, I am always looking out for new opportunities to build my portfolio and learn new skills, while staying up to date on current trends in the industry. 



  • Has worked successfully with other designers as a team creating effective design solutions for clients.
  • Has successfully designed logos clients are happy with
  • Has collaborated on projects with marketing and design firm
  • Understands the strong use of colors, text and visual hierarchy for applicable applications.
  • Willingness to always keep learning new software skills to meet clients needs. 
  • Time and project management tracking experience and knowledge using software such as Clockify and Trello.   
  • Project management 
  • Worked with high profile non profit organization and has met their expectations.
  • Can work remotely, self manage tasks and participate in meetings via Webex, Zoom and other video call software. 
  • Ability to use over 10 Adobe creative cloud software fluently, as well as various other design software
  • Has successfully completed client web design audits.
  • Understands importance of accessibility needs & standards for website design & applications 


Software Skills


  • Building & micromanaging websites with WordPress & hosting services
  • Postprocessing of raster and vector images in Photoshop 
  • Illustrations and vector graphics with Adobe Illustrator
  • Knowledge & experience building E-commerce websites
  • 3 years of college education and experience
  • Advanced photography knowledge applied to graphic design work
  • Very flexible with projects schedules, & can work remotely